A few words
about our daycare

a little on

the way we work

Taking advantage of a Masters in Child Education and Development, Carol has made our programs focusing on promoting the development of responsibility, collaboration, cooperation, and the enjoyment of learning with your peers. We work with appropriate activities providing children with progressive learning in Practical Life, Sensory, Mathematics, Linguistics, and Cultural Activities.
Teachers and children share a friendly environment based on trust and fairness. Our teachers are also facilitators whose leading role is to promote children’s curiosity and interest, enhancing their creativity, initiative, and independence.

The safety of your children is a top priority for our staff and teachers. Therefore, we always guarantee that there will be the correct number of teachers for children with the regulations established by the board. We work with a well-organized curriculum aimed at developing children on an academic, social and emotional level. Our teacher educators perform an excellent preparation of children for future excess in school. We make children feel welcome, regardless of their skills and experience.

We will make your child’s experience as rich and rewarding as possible. 


Our philosophy

We believe that children and families are at the heart of everything we do. We believe in collaboration, mutual respect, and support from our families and communities. Therefore, these ideals are shaped from birth through childhood and adolescence. We prioritize the best for your child with the education, games, fun, and great care because the formation of an individual starts from an early age.

We intend to create a positive learning environment where our children have a sense of well-being and sociality. We offer programs that encourage creativity, engagement and support optimal social, linguistic, emotional, cognitive, and physical development.

Our mission is to help raise children in an environment that promotes growth based on trust, care, and education.
We provide a smooth and safe environment that lays a solid foundation for building a dynamic, lifelong learner community.

We are committed to developing citizenship in our children, enhancing their skills, and understanding each one’s role in society.

Carolina – Owner

My name is Carolina , mother of a  beautiful 10 year old girl. I speak fluent English and Portuguese.
I’ve been living here in the USA for 21 years.
I love children, and while in Brazil I studied Pedagogy and taught children from nursery school to 4th grade in public schools.
I am delighted to be part of the little world of a children. I will work to give an unconditional love for your child’s benefit!