Curriculum & Programs

more details about our programs and care process

When your child enters our daycare, he or she receives many artistic and sensory experiences, themes of dramatic games, scientific exploration, music and movement, and gross motor activities. We accommodate each child’s schedule while still being part of the group. We offer full and part-time for this program. Each of our programs provides a caring environment that encourages each child to meet basic needs. In addition, we provide daily activities such as age-appropriate crafts, music, games, and toys.

Once they are ready, they will start with a more structured day and follow Toddler’s daily schedule. In this age group, we create a lot of extracurricular activities. Self-help skills are strongly encouraged and combined with teaching children the vocabulary to express their feelings and desires.

It is a work of building learning through the relationships that children establish with themselves, with others, with objects of knowledge, with food, and with the environments in which they live.